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Isle of Iona
LaNell August Haydon


Note from Author

Welcome to The Threshold Within You where I explore what the ancients called Anahata Nada: a Sanskrit phrase that references the pulsing, vibrating song of the quantum universe, which creates all matter and spiritually entangles all life. It is the heartbeat of stardust, the rhythm of forgotten constellations, and it is within our veins.  Here, we tread the line between matter and spirit and see divinity everywhere: animal, mineral, plant.  


​​We are more than flesh and bone. Our souls bear the stardust of forgotten galaxies. If we dare cross the threshold within ourselves, we may emerge as whole human beings, vessels of spiritual power. At times, this crossing may feel like running a gauntlet. But together, our power is legion and we will mend the fractures in Earth’s skin, heal the scars of generations.

It is not my intention to lecture or indoctrinate.  This is my own expression. Please take what you like and leave the rest.  May you find something of interest and understanding here.​

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